My name is Flo, in real life I’m computer science student based in Stuttgart, southern Germany. All the other time instead I love it to work in the kitchen and to create awesome meals. Always nice to see: My lovely Girlfriend and a glass of nice red wine.

This blog should be kind of a recipe collection that’s constantly growing and that fits all needs from healthy Smoothies to delicious Beer Butt Chicken. I will put all recipes into that collection, I like. I love Meat, Pasta and Vegetables. But that doesn’t mean that just Steak and Noodles appear on the menu. It’s exactly vice versa, because I also love the new tastes of the world. As well meatlovers as vegetarians will find some awesome recipes. I let myself be inspired by everything that cross my ways, but my favourite way is definetly to walk along the market in Ludwigsburg between the two churches, where I always feel like spending italian holidays.

Every two weeks there will be a new recipe. I promise! When there is time and a recipe will work like a charm straight the first time, there might be another one, but I won’t promise.

So have fun, search the collection, cook everything and most important:

Rock the Taste!