Chicken Saltimbocca with creamy Champignon Risotto

Champignon Risotto

Sarah from Küchen Atlas started a blogparade  with the topic „Mushrooms! Mushrooms!“. As you know me I couldn’t resist on that topic. The summer was really awesome, but I think it’s okay to be happy that autumn is just around the corner because autumn provides culinary greatness. Pumpkin, fruits, onion cake (sorry but as a german I love it), new Wine and of course mushrooms, mushrooms and maybe mushrooms. The tasty allrounder belongs to the autumn as a nice cold limo belongs to the summer. Boxed as Champignon Risotto you could have the mushrooms as a main dish as well. But risotto as main dish as it is served around the world doesn’t work for me. Call me old school, but rice is a side for me. So I decided to serve some classical saltimbocca besides the champignon risotto. Okay it’s not that classical, instead of beef there is chicken inside and instead of gammon there is bacon around, so it’s more or less classical germanised. But the sage keeps as is. Due to the bacon the meat stay super juicy and gets even more intense flavour that works perfect as a contrast to the creamy champignon risotto

Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms

As an alternative to the champignons I could have used chanterelle, porcini or any mushrooms as well. And I wanted to use chanterelle as well. But I was too late for the market, the supermarket really had none and it was impossible for me to get to the woods, so the champignons had to do the job. And they made it. They really worked out very well. I thought they might not be ideal, because they do not have enough taste on their own, but I got definetly corrected. In the internet you might also find a ton of recipes that use dried mushrooms, but I highly recommend to use them just if there is no other possibility, because you will notice if a mushroom was dried and soaked again or if it was fresh when it was processed. You can find the Blogparade in german right here so I’d say:

Straight to the Kitchen and Rock the Taste!

Champignon RisottoChampignon Risotto

Chicken Saltimbocca with creamy Champignon Risotto
  1. 2 chicken filets
  2. 2 slices bacon
  3. 2 leaves sage
  4. 1 onion
  5. 150g risotto rice
  6. 5 champignons
  7. 400ml stock
  8. 100ml white wine
  9. 50g parmesan
  10. 10g butter
  11. parsley
  12. salt
  13. pepper
  1. chop the onion, slice the mushrooms and braise it in some butter
  2. give in the rice, let it shortly braise and deglaze it with the white wine
  3. let it simmer on a low heat with closed tab
  4. All the times when the fluid is gone, give in a little stock and of course: stir!
  5. In the meantime, take the chicken filets and tenderize it in a freezer bag
  6. wrap some bacon around and put a leave of sage on top and fix it with a toothpick
  7. roast it in a hot pan with butter till it's golden brown
  8. When the rice has a nice consistency, give in a little stock, grate the parmesan on top and giv in a little butter don't stir!
  9. When the parmesan is melted down, stir it in, season it with salt pepper and parsley and serve it while it's hot
Rock the Taste


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